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Best Wrestling Mouthguard Review - Top Rated Models with Buying Guide

Wrestling is a great sport, but does come with its own perils. Wearing the appropriate protection equipment plays an important role in your enjoyment and prolonged participation in this high contact sport. Mouthguards, also referred to as mouthpieces or teeth guards protect the head and mouth area from harmful blows and potential tooth damage.

To keep safe, we have compiled a list of our best-selling mouth guards and went over their pros and cons to provide you directly with all relevant information. If you're looking to buy a wrestling mouthguard, we recommend the Nxtrnd ZERO guard. It features a low profile design and a unique material blend that reduces discomfort and increase protection which will allow you to perform at your best. In the unlikely scenario that our popular Nxtrnd ZERO is not available for buying, you may consider the Nxtrnd Classic as well.

1st Choice: Nxtrnd ZERO
2nd Choice: Nxtrnd Classic
3rd Choice: Nxtrnd RUSH

3 Best Wrestling Mouthguards Today

After years of product research and development, our team has looked, studied and produced multiple types of mouth guards for wrestling. In order to help you decide faster on which one you should purchase, please read the following line to find out more about these pieces of equipment.

1) Best Wrestling Mouthguard

Best Hockey Mouthpiece


[Nxtrnd ZERO]


  • Comfortable mouthguard
  • Easy to mold
  • Ultra Thin
  • Soft Material
  • Feels like not wearing a mouthguard


  • May be difficult to properly fit


The Zero Mouthguard offers great protection against impact and teeth grinding due to its smooth surface and material. The mouth guard molds very tightly against the teeth for maximum breathability and speech. The guard also comes in matte white and includes a mouth guard case.

After following the fitting instructions, this mouth guard offers optimal protection and is highly durable. It can be worn by an adult as well as by youth.

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2) Best Wreslting Mouthguard

Best Hockey Mouthguards


[Nxtrnd Classic]


  • Clean and simple design
  • Full teeth coverage
  • Excellent breathability and speech
  • Lightweight design
  • Very durable


  • May not fit small mouths


The Classic mouthguard is extremely lightweight, which makes it a very comfortable piece of equipment. The soft material favors impact absorption and wearer comfort. This mouth guard will keep speech almost intact while providing good protection. Also, the guard comes in a package consisting of 2 mouth guards and 1 mouth guard case.

If you're looking for an affordable mouthguard, you will not be disappointed.

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3) Best Wreslting Mouthguard

Best Hockey Mouthguard


[Nxtrnd RUSH]


  • Excellent impact absorption
  • Slim fitting
  • No movement during grapling
  • Good speech allowance
  • Versatile use


  • More material might feel more bulky in the mouth


Its design allows for fast and easy fitting. The low profile design adds comfort when you're rolling on the mat. The mouthguard features added material in the mouths most important impact zones for increased protection. The Rush mouth guard package comes with 2 mouth guard and 1 mouth guard case. If you need a good wrestling mouth guard that offers high protection and great comfort even when you're rolling on the mat, then the Nxtrnd RUSH is the choice for you. See on Amazon



What is a mouthguard?

A mouth guard is a soft plastic or laminated device for the mouth that covers the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce oral injuries. Without the use a of mouthguard, dental injuries such as chipped or broken teeth, fractured crowns or bridgework, lip and cheek injuries, root damage to the teeth and fractured jaws can occur. Any athlete may be at risk of oral injury which can be prevented with the use of a mouth guard.

To learn more, click here.

When should I change my mouthguard?

When it comes to sports mouth guards, a good rule of thumb is to replace it after each season. A mouth guard's shelf life is determined by two factors; its usage, and how you take care of it. In all cases, a poorly maintained mouth guard wears out almost 2 times more quickly than when properly maintained.

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How do I clean my mouthguard?  

Getting sick is the last thing you want mid season. If you don't clean your mouth guard regularly, you are at higher risk of getting ill. Since bacteria thrive best in warm, dark, moist environments, a mouth guard can quickly become the ultimate breeding ground.

Learn how to clean a mouth guard and store it properly so it stays bacteria free by clicking here.

Which sports need mouthguards? 

Traditionaly, mouth guards were believed to be only necessary in combat sports like boxing and mma where the amount of contact to the face is constant and repetitive. However, new studies have shown that recreational sports like mountain biking, skiing and non-contact sports like soccer and basketball, have the same risk of dental injury because of the physical demands they involve themselves.

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