The Best Mouthguards For Grinding Teeth at Night

We break down what to look for in your teeth grinding mouthguard, along with the top pick for nocturnal bruxism and night time clenching mouthguards.

Prepare yourself for a harrowing tale: Once upon a time, teeth grinding required thousands of dollars and regular visits to your dentist. Sounds pretty terrible, right?

Thankfully, teeth grinding mouth guards have continued to evolve with an emphasis on letting you achieve a better night sleep while you reduce wear on your teeth. By using better quality materials—than your dentist, oral protection companies like ProTeeth Mouthguards have developed patented designs and material formulas that are safe to use at home increasing mouthguard comfort and protection.

One such invention: the ProTeeth Hybrid guard for Teeth Grinding. This mouthguard incorporates a low profile design with a unique material that tightly and comfortably molds around your teeth for a custom fit from home.

1. Best Overall Teeth Grinding Mouthguard: 

ProTeeth Hybrid Guard

2. Best for Heavy Teeth Grinding:

JS Dental Lab Hard Guard

3. Best for Light/Moderate Teeth Grinding:

ProTeeth Soft Night Guard

Most cheap teeth grinding mouth guards feature a typical sports mouthguard design, which isn't adapted for protecting against tooth/enamel wear and receding gum lines. Furthermore, your dentist might have recommended you buy a dental guard from there office costing anywhere from $300 to $800. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford spending that amount, especially when the fit and function aren't guaranteed to help the condition.

Recent studies have shown that badly fitted dentist made guards can worsen teeth grinding due to the use of hard acrylic materials creating unnatural teeth movement and disrupting normal alignment. In fact, here's what most dentist don't tell you: YOUR DENTIST DOES NOT ACTUALLY MAKE THE GUARD.

Usually, your dentist simply takes an impression of your teeth, sends the impression to a dental lab, and receives a completed night guard two weeks later for only a fraction of the cost you end up paying.

In fact, because dental labs specialize in the mass production of crowns, bridges and dentures, they aren't equipped or trained to produce customized products like a night time mouth guard. Their lack of precision and craftsmanship can sometimes result in an extremely painful mouthguard worsening your teeth grinding situation.

ProTeeth Mouthguards are the perfect blend between the traditional Boil-&-Bite guards and Custom-fitted dentist made guards. Priced at a fraction of the dentist guards and produced from our unique TP-EVA material blend, their mouthguards tightly mold to your teeth allowing for an unbeatable fit, incredibly comfort and great longevity. All you have to do is follow the easy 3 step fitting process!

How Do Teeth Grinding Guards Work

Professional clenching mouthguards acts as a barrier between your upper and lower teeth. When you clench your jaw, this night guard helps to reduce the tension and gives relief to your jaw muscles. By doing so, the mouthguard not only helps prevent face and jaw pain but also protects against:

  • Loss of tooth enamel
  • Waking up with headaches
  • Lack of sleep and fatigue
  • Limited ability to open the mouth

Like all mouthguards, it's important to choose a model that best suits your needs. Night guards comes in a multitude of material harnesses, each made according to the users’ severity of grinding.

How do I know if I grind my teeth?

  • Heavy: Signs of flattened, fractured or chipped teeth. Jaw disorders
  • Moderate: Slight morning jaw pain. Dull headaches
  • Light: Poor sleep. Morning fatigue. Tooth sensitivity.

Best night guard for teeth grinding reviews

Whether you're a heavy, mild or moderate teeth grinder/clencher, we've found the best teeth grinding mouth guards for you. Discover our top 3 picks below.

    1. Best Overall: ProTeeth Hybrid Guard

    Best Teeth Grinding Mouthguard

    Introducing the Hybrid™, the world’s first at home, impression-less, professional night guard. At ProTeeth, they know that nothing is more energy draining than waking up with jaw pain, a headache, and sensitive teeth.

    This soft and comfortable night guard fits comfortably over your teeth while leaving your gums unobstructed for optimal oral health. Best for light to mild teeth grinding, the Hybrid ensures a customized fit to protect your teeth and reduce jaw muscle pain. Made from a proprietary material blend that is flexible, thin and soft, this night guard will effectively protect your teeth enamel and can be used for approximately 6 months to 2 years.

    Click Here to Learn More

    2. Best For Heavy Grinding: JS Dental Lab Custom Night Guard

    Best Teeth Grinding Mouthguard

    With 20+ years of dental lab experience, the JS Dental Lab's heavy teeth grinding guard is your best choice when it comes to comfortable laboratory made night guards. Their simple 4-step process makes it possible for teeth grinders to get a high quality, well-fitting night guards made according to their own teeth impressions. The guards are made of a hard acrylic material and last up to 5 years depending on use and teeth grinding habit and severity. The material is latex free and BPA-free, and comes with a One Year Free Replacement Policy to guarantee your satisfaction.

    Click Here to Learn more 

    3. Best for Light/Moderate Teeth Grinding: Pro Teeth Soft Night Guard

    Best Teeth Grinding Mouthguard

    The Soft Night Guard is the most popular night guard recommended for light to moderate grinders and clenchers. Featuring a patented TP-EVA material, this guard is made of an ultra-clear material designed to offer excellent protection from grinding yet remain very soft and comfortable in the mouth. Being only 2.75mm thick, the unique single layer construction is slightly thicker than soft guards but thinner than hard guards giving you the best of both worlds. The night guard perfectly balances both comfort and durability, and ideal for light to moderate teeth grinders.

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    Why should you order from Nxtrnd Mouthguards?

    Just like a dentist made mouthguard, but better!

    That’s right: the Nxtrnd Rise Guard is the exact same quality as the one you get from the dentist. How do we know? Being one of the industry’s leading mouthguard manufacturers, we invest heavily in research and development to stay up to date with most innovative materials and designs known to the medical and impact protection world. We've been around for over 3 years and have delivered thousands of perfectly designed sports mouthguards and night guards made of our proprietary material formulas. All our products our FDA-approved, phthalate and BPA free and go through rigorous testing and sampling to ensure our clients get the highest quality on the market.

    100% Money back guarantee + unlimited warranty.

    We stand behind our products and are confident we can satisfy our customers. All our guards come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we want to make sure you receive the comfortable and high qualtiy product you asked for.

    The only at-home mouthguard with a perfect fit!

    Each Rise Night Guard is made of our proprietary TP-EVA material that, when heated, perfectly molds to the shape of your teeth providing optimal comfort and protection.

    If you’re a night grinder, a biter, a gnasher or a clencher, you owe it to yourself to give your teeth a break. Get the comfort and protection of a professional dental guard without leaving the comfort of your home and without the outrageous price tag.

    Choose a grinding mouth guard from our best 2020 list and stop wearing down those teeth before it's too late!

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