Best Mouthguard For Rugby

What Is The Best Mouthguard For Rugby

Losing your teeth is an unpleasant and painful experience. You wouldn't want for normal everyday things like smiling and talking to become difficult and embarrassing. For athletes playing high contact sports like rugby, the risk of dental injury increases dramatically which is why we did our research to develop the 3 best mouth guards for rugby.

If you know you'll be playing rugby on a regular basis, we recommend investing in a good quality mouthguard that will keep you safe without affecting your performance abilities.

So it begs the question: What separates a good quality mouth guard from a cheap mouthguard? Here are some key features to look for:

  • You can easily talk & breathe with the mouth guard in.
  • You aren’t gagging from excess material.
  • It has a thin non-bulky design.
  • Its inner material is soft and molds well to your teeth

Best rugby Mouthguards

1. RUSH Mouthguard for Rugby
2. ZERO Mouthguard for Rugby
3. Classic Mouthguard for Rugby

Best rugby Mouthguards

1. The Best Rugby Mouthguard - Athletes Choice



Nxtrnd is well known in the world of contact sports. Use by amateur and professional athletes in football and boxing, our mouthguards are some of the highest quality available and have attained the "Amazon's Choice" badge in the "Sports Mouth guard" category.

The Nxtrnd RUSH is a perfect example of the brands top performers. Made of a lightweight dual density material, the Rush features a robust impact absorbing frame that deflects the harsh impacts from tackling and holding off opponents.

Being designed to tightly mold to your teeth for a customized fit, this guard allows ease of breathing and speaking. More oxygen to your muscles and mind means quicker recover and clear thinking during long plays, perfect for the high perfect athlete.

Key Features:

  • Every RUSH Package comes with 2 mouthguards and 1 mouthguard case.
  • Allows Ease of Speech and Breathing.
  • Soft Inner Material Allows Comfortable & Secure Fit.
  • Hard Shock Absorbing Outer Layer Protects From Heavy Impacts.
Best Rugby Mouthguard RUSH

2. The Best Rugby Mouthguard - Best Low Profile



The Nxtrnd ZERO mouthguard is an ultra-thin 1.6mm guard. Being 50% thinner than similar mouthguards, the ZERO combines our unique EVA material blend with strategically placed air holes throughout its design to reduce material weight, increase impact dispersion, and allow optimal speech and breathability.

When it comes to mouth guards, many athletes assume that thicker material means more protection. Logically, the ideas makes sense. However, in reality, that is not always the case.

Ultimately, your mouth guard should only have added material in the important impact zones, which are the areas under your molars and in front of your teeth. By adding material in these areas only and by combining it with our unique material design features, the ZERO successfully deflects all impact forces away from your teeth while remaining thinner and more comfortable.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Thin 1.6mm Frame.
  • Made of High Impact Absorbing Perforated Material.
  • Allows Ease of Speech & Breathability.
  • Every ZERO Package comes with 2 mouthguards and 1 mouthguard case.
Best Rugby Mouthguard ZERO

3. The Best Rugby Mouthguard - Best Budget Mouthguard



Finding the right mouth guard can be difficult. Because different brands offer different features, benefits and styles, it is hard to determine what the best mouthguard is for you.

Best Rugby Mouthguard

At Nxtrnd, we know that this process can seem extremely time consuming and become expensive. In order to make things easier, we created the Nxtrnd Classic mouth guard.

The Nxtrnd Classic mouthguard is the most versatile guard on the market. Made with features and benefits that are necessary across all sports, this guard is an easy fitting, low profile and comfortable mouthguard that offers great protection.

Being one of our best-sellers, the Classic mouthguard is perfect for rugby. It has the same quality and function as the guards twice its cost making it the most affordable high performance mouthguard on the market. Allowing you to talk, breathe and drink easily, the Classic is the go-to mouthguard for rugby athletes of all levels.

Best Rugby Mouthguard Classic

To learn more about our mouthguards and how to pick the best mouthguard, please click here.

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