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When wearing braces in action sports, the potential for mouth injury increases. For optimal protection, we recommend the use of a braces mouthguard designed to accomodate the brace brackets and wires.

What Is A Braces Mouthguard?

Nxtrnd Braces Mouth GuardBraces mouth guards protect the braces as well as your teeth, jaw and mouth from hard impacts. A well designed braces mouthguard will provide a channel in the front part of the guard to accomodate the braces brackets and offer extra width to cover the braces, teeth and gums. The braces guard should offer the same level of protection as a regular mouth guard and should fit comfortably without reducing your ability to breath. Since braces alter the position of teeth, getting a custom molded mouthguard from your dentist or a OTC boil-and-bite mouthguard may become ineffective, uncomfortable and provide less protection after a few weeks. For the best protection and comfort, we recommend a no-boiling required mouth guard designed to conform to brace brackets for instant comfort and lip laceration prevention. These kind of mouthguards are made of medicale grade silicone which enable them to adapt to changes in mouth structure as teeth adjust.

To learn how to choose what braces mouth guard is best for you, please click here.

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