With speeds at around 105 mph and weighing in at 1/4 lbs. a typical hockey puck can incur serious damage if you happen to be in its way. Hockey is an impact sport with elbowing to the face, cross-checking (although illegal can occur), body checking, and spontaneous brawls.

An accidental or deliberate impact of a carbon fiber stick slapped to your face can cause devastating injuries. Over the years, the velocity and intensity of this sport has become faster and harder. Wearing the proper protective equipment is invaluable.

Why Wear A Mouth guard?

A mouth guard has two key protective elements, described in detail below:

Helps to Reduce Concussions
  • When the body receives an impact, a well fitted mouth guard helps absorb and disperse the energy before it reaches the head and spinal column. Since this energy is partially absorbed by the mouth guard, the intensity of the impact to the brain is substantially reduced, therefore, mitigating your chances of a serious concussion.
Oral Protection
  • When wearing a mouth guard, your top and bottom teeth are protected by a soft plastic shield which reduces the chances of soft tissue injury and damage to your teeth. 

What Mouth guards Are Best For Hockey Players?

At the end of the day, the right mouth guard is the one that fits you best. That being said, hockey players usually look for mouth guards that include features like breathability, size and comfort, before making a purchase decision.

A mouthpiece that fits well will stay securely in place without having to bite down on it, and should not cause you to gag or inhibit your ability to breath or speak in any way. Look for features such as gel based liners and shock absorbing outer layers to maximize impact resistance.

With a thickness of 3mm and a dual layer shock absorbing frame, the Rush Mouth guard will protect your teeth, jaw and brain by dampening impacts and allowing for less breathing and speaking interference because of its slim fit design.

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Best Hockey Mouthguards

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