What Is The Best Mouthguard For Hockey?

Hockey Mouthguards

Hockey is an extremely fast sport that involves a lot of force and energy. If your not wearing your mouth guard and your mouth gets hit by a hockey stick, puck or fist, the outcome might result in a severe injury like lost teeth, a broken jaw or even a concussion.

In contact sports like hockey, having a quality mouth guard that fits your mouth and is comfortable to wear is very important. Read below and find out what you should look for in a hockey mouth piece:

What Makes a Good Mouthguard?


When looking to purchase a mouth guard for hockey, we recommend buying one that won't fall out. A mouth guard with a correct fit will be comfortable and allow you to communicate and breath without obstruction.

The best hockey mouth guards are 3mm thick. Impact from player collisions and hockey sticks can be severe.  At Nxtrnd, we offer a thick guard to adequately absorb the impact. With a thickness of 3mm, your mouth guard will remain in place, will be comfortable, while at the same time offer optimal protection.

Durable Material

The best hockey mouth guards are made of resilient high-quality materials. Nxtrnd Mouthguards are made of a special water-resistant thermoplastic material to ensure long-term reliability and unrivaled protection.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider getting a Nxtrnd mouth guard;

  • Designed for your particular type of sport (hockey in this case). Nxtrnd produces mouth guards based on it's analysis of various factors, such as; degree of impact, impact zones, and the level of communication/breathing needs required while participating in the sport. The description and optimal use for each of our mouth guards is explained in detail on every Nxtrnd product page.
  • Because of our easy to follow detailed molding instructions, Nxtrnd Mouth guards fit perfectly in your mouth giving you maximum comfort and safety.
  • Our thermoplastic material blend is specifically designed to absorb impact forces effectively and withstand biting and chewing.
  • Allow for ease of speech and breathability. Since our mouth guards stay in place when worn, they do not restrict air flow.  Therefore, you will be able to breathe comfortably, just as you would without a mouth guard.
  • Long term reliability. Because of the guards snug fit and high-quality material, it's durability out-performs industry averages. In addition, Nxtrnd Mouth Guards' come with an unlimited defective warranty. If it wears down or warps unreasonably, we will replace it at no cost to you.

"Official Rules" On Mouth Guards In Hockey

USA Hockey:

"All players, including goal-keepers, in the 12 & under (Youth and Girls’) through Youth 18 & under (including High School) and Girls’ 19 & under age classifications are required to wear a colored (non-clear) internal mouthpiece that covers and protects all the teeth of one jaw, normally the upper jaw."

Hockey Canada:

"For divisions of hockey that allow the wearing of the half visor, the wearing of a mouth guard is compulsory (recommended but optional for Senior Hockey). When a player fails to properly wear a mouth guard at any time on the ice during the game, his team shall receive one warning. Any player on that team who commits a subsequent infraction will receive a Misconduct penalty. Referees are encouraged to deliver this warning directly to the coach."

The Best Hockey Mouthguard

The Nxtrnd Rush mouth guard is constructed with a soft inside lining that allows your teeth to sink in perfectly during the molding process. Once molded, it will fit snug onto your teeth and you will be able to breath, speak, and even drink with it in place. The guard features a hard shock absorbing exo-skeletal frame for maximum impact absorption. Multiple colors are available.

Hockey Mouthguards

To learn more about how to choose a mouthguard designed for your athletic needs, please visit our Ultimate Mouthguard Buying Guide.



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