Why do football players wear mouthpieces?

Why do football players wear mouthpieces?

Mouthguards are mandatory by rule in almost every football organization for good reason. A properly designed football mouth guard will provide protection to the teeth, lips and tongue area. Depending on the athlete's position on the field, different designs and fits are available. Please see our blog titled "What Mouthguard is Best for you" for more information. 

When watching a football game, the most noticable mouth guards worn by pro athletes are the "Lip Guard" models. Lip guards, also known as lip protectors or binkies offer more protection than regular mouth guards. In addition to protecting your teeth and gums from impact forces, they also protect the lips from lacerations which can sometimes be very severe. In most cases, lip lacerations are caused by flying fingers as players attempt to tackle or hold each other off.

A lip guard mouth guard is perfect for an athlete that plays a position involving little speech and a lot of physical contact. By covering the whole mouth with a strong barrier, this kind of guard will protect you from unnecessary cosmetic injury.

At Nxtrnd Mouthguards, we offer a wide variety of performance football mouth guards available for youth and adults. From NFL athletes to Pop Warner grooms, we produce high level mouthguards that stand up to the most hard core games and remain obsessed with designing for the needs of committed athletes at all levels of competition. 

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What is the Best Football Mouthguard? 

When searching for the ideal football mouth guard, you should go for one that is comfortable and that allows ease of breathability.

Breathing with ease is essential since your breath supplies the oxygen needed to enable your muscles to perform at their peak while at the same time enhancing muscle recovery performance. A sufficient supply of oxygen allows the athlete to think clearly, recover quickly, which in turn enables an all-round better performance.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best high-quality football mouth guards to help make your decision easier and keep your comfort and protection at high levels during games.

Football Mouthguards Amazon

    Best Overall Football Mouthguard - Nxtrnd ONE Mouthguard

    Best Football Mouthguard


    The Nxtrnd ONE™ is designed for youth, high school, college, or pro athletes playing positions including linebackers and quarterbacks, making this guard extremely versatile and useful. Available in multiple colors, this guard can be purchased on Amazon.com or through Nxtrnd's website. This football mouth guard with lip guard features a removable facemask tether.  An oversized air hole for optimal air flow, and reinforced "X" pattern bite pads for extra comfort and protection. As well as an external lip shield to protect the lips from lacerations caused by flying debris.

    NXTRND ONE Mouthguard

    Football Lip Guard Amazon

    2nd Best Football Mouthpiece - Nxtrnd RUSH Mouthpiece

    Best Football Mouthguard


    Because football is a very demanding sport, fatigue sets in rather quickly and has you gasping for air sometimes frequently. The Nxtrnd Rush™ is designed for optimal performance by allowing easy breathing and speech. Featuring a double layer construction and soft moldable interior liner, the Rush also delivers an extremely comfortable custom fit and has become a popular model amongst football players of all positions. The front area of the guard features added material in order to mitigate the energy transmitted to the teeth from the possible astray flying elbow or fist.

    NXTRND Rush Mouthguard

    3rd Best Football Mouthpiece - Nxtrnd ZERO Mouthpiece

    Best Flag Football Mouthguard


    The Nxtrnd Zero™ is designed to perform in all contact sports and features our innovative shock absorbant and chew-resistant material blend added only in the important impact zones (under the molars and infront of the teeth). For optimal protection, the mouth guard demands the boil and mold method and has specific easy-to-follow fitting instructions included in every package. Once the fit is secured to your teeth, the guard allows ease of speech and breathability.

    NXTRND Zero™ Mouthguard

    Best Slim Football Mouthguard Amazon


    You may wonder why so many athletes of all levels wear mouthguards? In fact, there's an important statistic from the American Dental Association stating that more than 200,000 oral injuries are prevented each year by their use.

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