What Does A Lip Guard Do?

What is a lip guard mouthguard

Mouth guards come in a variety of styles and shapes. If you watch football, you might have seen athletes wearing what looks like a big pacifier in their mouth. In fact, these gridiron athletes are actually wearing what is called a Lip Guard or Lip Protector.

While traditional mouth guards cover the top or bottom row of teeth only, lip guard mouth pieces also cover your top and bottom lip. People often believe that the most common oral injuries are cracked or missing teeth. However, according to a recent article published by Sports Health, injuries to the mouth's soft tissue are most common. In fact, almost 90 percent of oral and dental injuries involve the lips, cheeks and tongue of athletes.

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Getting the right mouthguard

Wearing the proper mouth guard can significantly reduce the risk of injury. Sports Health's study also found that athletes had between 1.6 and 1.9 times the risk for injury when they didn't wear a mouth guard.

Because football is a high contact sport, protecting your mouth on the inside and out is extremely important. Flying fingers and hands are very common as various players attempt to tackle or hold each other off. It only takes a slight change in movement for that outstretched hand that was aiming for a shoulder to reach through the helmet and smack the athlete in the face instead, and if the offender in question has long or ungroomed nails, this can be a major safety hazard. These incidents usually result in cuts, lacerations and even full-on cosmetic surgeries are required to fix the injury, but the lip guard helps surround the entire mouth and prevents this from happening.

What is a football lip guard?

A lip guard is another type of football mouth guard that features an extra component covering the player's lips, protecting the teeth as well as improving the intensity and style of his game.

Whether you are playing in a youth, high school, college, or professional football league, a lip guard is a wise choice when it comes to football mouth guards.

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