Types Of Mouthguards?

Before purchasing a mouth guard, it is important you become familiar with the types available. In sports and recreational activities, there are three kinds of guards: Stock, Boil-and-bite and Custom. Each varies in comfort, fit, protection and cost.


Also referred to as "Instant Fit Mouthguards". These guards are pre-formed and sold ready- to-go out of the box without any additional customization. While they are inexpensive, depending on the model, they may inhibit breathing and speaking when worn. Please note, that they may also offer less protection than custom fitted mouthguards. Braces mouthguards typically fall under this category. For a great performing Stock Mouthguard, we recommend the Nxtrnd ONE.
Stock Mouthguards


Also known as "Standard".  These are the most popular types of mouthpieces. They are designed so the end-user can customize the fit at home by molding them to their teeth with hot water. This feature helps increase the level of protection and comfort while being affordable. What makes these models the preferred choice among amateur and professional athletes is their retail accessibility and easy molding process. For a great performing boil-and-bite Mouthguard, we recommend the Nxtrnd Rush.

Nxtrnd Boil-and-Bite Mouthguards


These mouthguards are made in a dental laboratory, and as a result, are very expensive to purchase. To help you choose the right mouth guard, please visit our article entitled "How To Choose The Right Mouth Guard".
 Type Level of protection Comfort and fit Cost
Stock Reduced protection.


Mouth must be closed to provide protection (falls out if mouth is open).


May inhibit breathing or speaking when worn.

Sizes are limited.



    Available in all sporting goods stores.


      Offers a good level of protection.

      Stays firmly in place without clenching.


        Provides a good level of comfort and fit.

        May inhibit speaking when worn.


          Available in most sporting goods stores.


            Offer a very good level of protection.

            May lose thickness and cushioning throughout use.

              Provides a high level of comfort and fit.

              May not stay in place in mouth.


                Only available through a dentist’s office.

                  Nxtrnd Mouthguards


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