The sport of flag football has grown enormously in popularity across this country, bringing with it, a mix of speed and excitment adopted from traditional football, without the risk of physical contact.  Flag football has encouraged many schools and sports' teams to adopt its style of play.

When playing the game, athletes wear nylon belts with flags hanging from both sides. The objective of the defensive player is to remove a flag from the nylon belt once an opponent player comes in possession of the football. When the players flag is removed, the ball is then placed at the spot where the flag has been removed.

To start playing, you’ll need a handful of items to play and enjoy your experience. Even though contact is minimal and the game is designed with safety in mind, there still remains an inherent risk of injury as is the case with any sport. 

Missing or ill-fitting equipment is one of the main causes of injuries in team sports.

To prevent unnecessary injuries, here is a list of 3 pieces of flag football equipment you must have when you take to the field for the first time this season.

Flag Football Mouth Guard

Being required at all times during flag football tournaments, a mouth guard is an essential part of every player's equipment bag. We recommend that you always wear your mouth guard, even during practice and warm ups as accidents can happen any time. Mouth guards can be purchased for a relatively inexpensive cost compared to other required protection equipment.  Remember, when it comes to your teeth and/or concussion and brain injury, a mouth guard will protect one of the most vulnerable and costly areas to recover and repair. 

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Protective eye wear

In a perfect world, prescription football visors would exist. In our world, they don't. The good news is, we've got the solution for you: football goggles.

For maximum vision and protection, when playing flag football, you're going to want a google-like pair to maintain the proper optical alignment. For the best fit, we recommend sport goggles that have a strap. Since you'll be sweating, we recommend googles that feature a no-fog lense.


Athletic Cup

Not mandatory but definitely recommended, an athletic protector or cups should always be worn. Getting an athletic cup that properly fits snug and firm against the body is crucial.  Protecting your vulnerable areas from accidental contact with other players and equipment is essential.

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