Best Youth Sports Mouthguard

Best Youth Mouthguards

Now that you got your child participating in a sport he or she likes, you've got an equally big decision to make: buying the right mouth guard. There's a lot to consider, starting with one age-old truth: The best mouthguards for kids is any mouthguard they'll actually wear. That means you'll want to bring home something that fits your child comfortably, that's lightweight, and that's in his or her favorite color/style.

Of course, you'll also want a mouthguard that is high-quality and achieves top safety ratings. The good news is that you've come to the right place. All mouth guards designed by Nxtrnd have been certified Level 3 Protection (Level 3 being the highest) through independent testing and are FDA approved and tested to not contain harmful materials.

However, since not all mouthguards are designed equally, some mouth guards do a better job at protecting the teeth and mouth than others. Read on for more mouthpiece buying advice—and a list of our favorites.

Getting the right fit for your mouthguard

Nxtrnd Technology

A mouth guard should always fit comfortably. In fact, a good mouth guard will let your child speak and breathe very easily. An important aspect about the fit of a mouth guard is that it won’t be molded to your teeth all the way to the upper gum line and won't extend all the way to your back molars.

When a mouth guard is too high, it will rub against the gums and lips creating discomfort and irritation which can end up being a distraction during a game. Also, a mouth guard that extends to far back will come in contact with the wearers’ soft tissue and cause a gag reflex.

Ideally, a comfortable mouth guard will cover all the teeth (with exception of the first or second back molars) and some of the gum line without overwhelming the entire jaw.

When to replace a mouthguard

At the end of every season, we recommend replacing the mouth guard. In fact, mouth guards lose their material thickness over time and become less effective in absorbing impacts and protecting your teeth from injury.

Since mouth guards vary enormously between brands, material and durability, some wear out much quicker than others. The immediate replacement of your mouth guard will be necessary if the signs of wear-and-tear are as follows:

  1. The shape is deformed from chewing
  2. The guard starts cracking or splitting from usage or chewing
  3. The guard has been used for longer than 6 months
  4. The guard offers less comfort than when new
  5. You have had recent dental treatment

How we choose the best youth mouthguards

Every mouthguard on this list has been thoroughly evaluated and vetted by our product design team. We research the market, survey user reviews, speak with our engineers, and use our own experience watching our kids play sports with these mouthguards to determine the best options. We evaluated them based on performance, value, fit, comfort and aesthetics to come up with the models that best serve every budget and every kind of youth athlete.



—Best Mouthguard for Youth Football—

[Nxtrnd ONE Mouthguard]

Best Mouthguard for Youth Football


After rejecting several heavier and less breathable models from competitors, our product testers loved the lightweight, increased air flow, comfortable material—and let’s be honest, unique colors—of the ONE Lip guard mouthguard.

At Nxtrnd, we specialize in the design and manufacturing of high quality mouthguards. We make mouth guards with unique design and material features delivering extended coverage and protection where kids need it most, like in front of the lips/mouth, and in between the upper and lower teeth.

Best Mouthguard for Youth Football

The outer lip shield is made of high impact foam and is wrapped in lightweight and soft EVA to increase protection and comfort. The inner bite pads feature TP-EVA, the most advanced impact absorption material that is proven to have greater tensile strength, be ultra-lightweight and provide more comfort than any other mouthguard on the field.

The Nxtrnd ONE Mouthguard package comes with 1 mouthguard, 2 adjustable helmet straps and 1 mouthguard case.

—Best Mouthguard for a Custom Fit—

[Nxtrnd RUSH Mouthguard]

Best Mouthguard for a Custom Fit


Available in multiple colors, the Rush Sports Mouthguard is distinguished primarily by its super easy fitting process and extremely comfortable fit. When you place the mouthguard in your child's mouth, the guard tightly fits around the teeth creating a custom feel and allowing for ease of speech, breathing and an incredibly comfortable experience.

Designed with our multi-layer material system which features a soft moldable inner core and a hard shock absorbing outer liner, the guard provides optimal protection against direct impact forces.

Best Mouthguard for a Custom Fit

Being made of our unique TP-EVA material, the mouthguard is durable and high-quality, with added thickness under the molars and in front of the teeth. The mouthguard is also designed to allow easy breathing, so overheating and reduced performance isn't an issue.

And as a bonus, the mouthguard package comes with 2 mouthguards and 1 mouthguard case.

—Best Budget Mouthguard for Youth—

[Nxtrnd Classic Mouthguard]

Best Budget Mouthguard for Youth


Our low cost pick for youth athletes is this super-lightweight and comfortable mouthguard called the Classic guard. The Nxtrnd Classic Sports Mouthguard is designed to perform in all sports and is easily customizable to obtain a perfect fit.

Made of a soft and comfortable EVA material, this mouth guards’ quality design and construction offers amazing impact protection. Being a single layer mouth guard, the guard is potentially less durable over time. But for the price, the mouth guard comes with lots of high-quality features and allows easy breathing and speech. Its material also creates a tight and comfortable fit against the teeth assuring your child keeps it in during the entire game.

The Nxtrnd Classic mouthguard package comes with 2 mouthguards and 1 mouthguard case.

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