Best mouthguard for quarterbacks

Best football quarterback mouthguards

There is no other position in Football as popular as that of a quarterback. And that’s why the quarterback gets the most time under the spotlight and consequently everything else that comes with the fame attached to it.

Like all football positions, quarterbacks should protect their mouth and teeth while playing. That’s why we’re going to talk about one of the most important pieces of equipment for athletes in contact sports.

After all, if you play the most crucial position in the game, shouldn’t you have the best equipment to help you perform at your best each every time you step on the field? 

The best quarterback mouthguard will provide the athlete with as much protection as he can afford without negatively affecting the natural ability to speak, breath and move on the gridiron.

So, the best football mouthguard for quarterbacks has to be light and unrestrictive when inserted in the mouth.

To find the top pick and to ensure our results were as reliable as possible, we chose 10 quarterbacks and tested 15 different mouthguards across multiple brands for almost 20 hours’ worth of game time. At the end of the testing phase, we asked the athletes to review and rank the mouthguards from best to worst and the results were very conclusive. 

From the 15 tested mouthguards over the 20 hours of data collection, the top 3 quarterback mouthguards were ranked as followed:

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Quarterback Mouthguard - Athletes Choice

Topping our ranks is the ZERO mouth guard. With an increasingly good reputation amongst beginner and professional athletes, this mouthguard has been demonstrating it can withstand impact at all levels of the game. What makes this guard so impressive is the craftsmanship involved in the designing of the mouthguard.

At Nxtrnd, we take pride in designing high quality guards providing enhanced protection and performance. We focus on producing thin, durable and easy to mold guards that could easily be mistaken for a $300 custom fit mouth guard made by a dentist.

Best Quarterback Mouthguard

The ZERO mouthguards' ultra-thin design only drew positive reviews and feedback including comments such as "Super easy to form and won’t come out of your mouth, it's also super durable and feels thicker than it looks when you use it." Another quarterback commented, "Best fitting mouth guard I have ever had. Doesn’t feel bulky like most mouth guards and I sound pretty much normal talking."

To summarize, the Nxtrnd ZERO was the highest scoring mouthguard in all criteria we tested. Ranging from protection to comfort and price, all players that carried out the 20 hours of testing concluded that the ZERO was the mouth guard that delivered the most performance and durability while remaining very affordable.

Quarterback Mouthguard - 2nd Best

Very few brands offer the same level of protection from design and innovation as that provided by the Nxtrnd Rush Mouthguard.

QB Mouthguard

Specially designed with an innovative dual layer system and signature EVA moldable liner to form to your teeth and gum lines, the Rush offers a tight and comfortable fit. 

To offer the highest degree of comfort, the Rush mouthguard has a heavy-duty exoskeletal impact blocking frame which can withstand the biggest direct impacts and blows the game can deliver. 

Because of these two features, the Rush model was ranked 2nd best closely after the Zero mouthguard. This mouthguard leads the market category for sport mouthguards when it comes to breathability because of it’s under carriage channel system that boasts airflow and aids air intake.

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Best Quarterback Mouthguard

Overall, the Rush mouthguard is a high performance mouthguard designed for the elite athlete. Thanks to its groundbreaking design and protection, the Rush has brought modern technology to the world of mouthguards redefining mouth protection in the impact sports world.

At Nxtrnd, we also guarantees that their products are BPA free and offers an unlimited warranty on all their mouthguards.

Quarterback Mouthguard - 3rd Best

Best Mouthguard for quarterbacks

The Nxtrnd ONE is a mouthguard that has gained enormous attention over recent years amongst high school, college, and NFL players alike. Nxtrnd has built a brand around its innovative designs and distinctive look. The ONE mouthguard features a lip shield protecting against lacerations as well as an oversized breathing channel facilitating airflow through the guard. 

The key feature of the ONE mouthguard is its high oxygen flow. The oversized breathing channel was very well received by our reviewers "The mouthpiece is outstanding, you can easily breath through it, and so you don’t have to take it out after each play as much!"

"This is probably the most comfortable mouthguard I've ever bought. Also the strap is durable and the mouthguard won't fall off the strap during a game. This is the best mouthguard ever and I'll be looking real drippy during games! ". 

Comfort and high breathability were mentioned by almost all our reviewers. The pros of this mouthguard far outweigh the cons and the reputation the ONE has gathered in the space is one that has been reinforced by many athletes.

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Best Quarterback Mouthguard

The Nxtrnd ONE football mouthguard is an excellent choice for all positions, mainly due to our innovative EVA material delivering high protection, wearer comfort and the enhanced breathability mentioned above.

This guard was 3rd best simply because of the fact that speech was found to be the most difficult when wearing it. If you're a quarterback that calls plays very often, you might find yourself constantly removing the guard to speak which might become annoying.

Besides the reduced ability to speak, the reviewers had no other negative comments. In fact, another huge bonus with this mouthguard is that no boiling was required, the mouthguard fits directly out of the packaging.

The straightforward fitting process involving no boiling classifies this guard as a "one-size-fit-all" mouthguard, meaning this guard is designed to withstand impact from all positions and you can expect a longer life span than usual with this product.

Should Quarterbacks Wear Mouthguards?

Technically, NFL rules do not specify the need for quarterbacks to wear a mouthguard which may be surprising to some.

However, we highly advise that all players still wear mouthguards to protect themselves from concussions and dental injuries. In fact, if speech is not inhibited, wearing a mouthguard should not be of concern for quarterbacks.

One of the biggest reasons quarterbacks play without a mouthguard is because they believe it impairs their ability to communicate on the field. At Nxtrnd, we specifically designed mouthguards to fix this issue. 

For those in youth and amateur leagues, mouthguards are always highly recommended, particularly with modern technology making the guards easy to remove between plays and allowing communication when on the field far easier.

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