Best Linebacker Mouthguard

Best Linebacker Mouthguard

Everyone knows that America’s game is football. And, amongst the many disagreements regarding players, teams and equipment choice, one of the more important topics may actually be herd between the athletes and coaches of the game themselves. In fact, being a linebacker I had always wondered what is the best mouth guard for linebackers?

In order to find the best linebacker mouthguard, we established a rigorous testing and review process lasting 3 full games and involving 10 D1 linebackers from various teams.

The results were conclusive. Every single one of the athletes involved agreed the Nxtrnd Zero™ Mouthguard was their top choice for in-game action and a must have in their protection equipment arsenal.

However, before discussing the details behind the mouthguard, lets take a moment better understand the duties of a linebacker.

What Does a Linebacker do

Linebackers probably have one of the toughest positions to play in football. To make it to the professional level, they have to be extremely versatile in their athletic ability. A good linebaker combines abilities from disciplines like wrestling, gymnastics and track and field running. They must also carry good size and strength without sacrificing their speed. On field, the linebackers placed towards the middle must be alert and have a great understanding of football, with an instinct to quickly read plays and call out discrepancies to the rest of the defense. 

Because of these skills and unique roles, at the end of the game linebackers usually stick out on the stat sheet, as they almost always lead the team in tackles. In fact, their leadership roles make them sometimes thought to be the "QB’s of the defense". 

But, all of these natural aspects can only do so much for a linebacker to succeed. An athlete must always find ways to enhance his natural abilities to play his position efficiently and more competitively. 

That’s why we’re going to talk about the best football mouthguard for linebackers. Equipping with the best football mouthguard for linebackers won’t only enhance what the athlete already has naturally but it will also improve the mental aspect of his game.

Linebacker Mouthguard: Nxtrnd ZERO™ Mouthguard

At the end of the day, you still want to end up looking good for the after game interview. Being a linebacker, you'll be clenching your jaw for the inevitable impact which can cause a lot of jarring and you could end up getting some teeth chipped or knocked loose. Your smile is with you for life, so make sure you have a quality mouthguard on. 

Nxtrnd Linebacker MouthguardAt Nxtrnd, we take pride in manufacturing high-quality products, and the ZERO™ is no different, far exceeding the expectations of those we asked to review the guard. The ZERO™ is a strapless mouthguard marketed as a perfect choice for linebackers and most contact sports, including lacrosse and boxing. Because the linebackers we asked to review this product commented on numerous occasions, they wished they had discovered this mouthguard earlier. In fact, one of our reviewers said, “Super easy to form and won’t come out of your mouth, it's also super durable and feels thicker than it looks when you use it.”

Fitted and strapless, this mouthguard is low profile and sits close to the skin for a streamlined fit.

As a result, the guard provides excellent protection, comparable to that of a custom fit mouthguard. It is chew-resistant, meaning that this is extremely durable and a long-term investment.

To top it all off, this football mouthguard is designed to allow you to communicate with teammates easily, features enhanced breathing channels and small impact absorbing air pockets in the material which are designed to absorb impacts in high-contact sports.

Nxtrnd Linebacker Mouthguard


To learn more about mouthguards, understand why football players should wear mouthguards, and what type of mouthpiece is the right choice for your sport or position, click here.

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