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What mouthguards do UFC fighters use?

For athletes that train Boxing, MMA, or Muay That, a mouthguard is one of the most important pieces of protective equipment. At Nxtrnd, we always recommend fighters to wear a mouthguard when sparring or rolling in Jiu Jitsu.

Remember, without a proper fitting mouthguard, injuries like missing teeth, jaw fractures, and even head trauma are more prone to happen.

In fact, not only is having a tooth knocked out of your mouth painful and unattractive, the dental fees associated with fixing them is incredibly high. In all cases, it is better to make the small investment of purchasing a mouthguard rather than risk the possibility of head and mouth injury.

Whether you're a beginner or a long time veteran in the ring, a solid and comfortable mouthguard is a "must have" investment.

The list below contains the 5 most protective and best mouthguards for UFC, MMA, Boxing, and Muay Thai.

  1. Impact Custom Professional Mouth Guard
  2. Rush Mouth Guard For Contact Sports
  3. Classic Fighting Mouth Guard
  4. Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard
  5. Sisu Aero Mouth Guard

The Best UFC Mouth Guards

Impact Custom Mouth Guard

Impact Custom Mouthguard


If you need a mouthguard and have extra cash, we highly recommend the Impact Custom Mouthguard. This guard can be custom fitted like one your dentist could provide.

The Impact custom mouthguard for MMA and contact sports has high impact protection covering the fighters gums and a snug fit. This mouthguard is great and comes out on top mainly due to its versatility and comfort for different kinds of martial arts.

Rush Mouth Guard For Contact Sports

Best UFC Mouthguard

Professional fight mouthguards are designed for maximum protection and a perfect fit. They're meant to be used when heavy hits are common so comfort, durability and protection are very important.

Featuring extra padding in the mouth's important impact zones, the RUSH mouthguard is proven to absorb 30% more impact energy than your standard mouthguard.

Classic Fighting Mouth Guard


Of all the low budget mouthguards, we recommend only to use the Nxtrnd Classic for serious training. A beginner or anybody else could probably make do with other brands. However, if you feel you may need better protection, go save up the extra cash and buy it. Or do what the pros do and go lighter during training sessions.

There's so much cushion and protection, it's shocking how good it is. Most $50+ guards do even come close to it! It's functional and comfortable making it perfect for bagwork.

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Mouthguard

Shock Doctor is a well known brand in the action sports world. From Football to MMA, the Gel Max Mouthguard features a super breathable channel which allows ease of breathing and increased performance. In addition, the guard has an Exoskeletal frame which provides great protection against the hardest of impacts.

Being easy to fit and form to the teeth and gums, this guard not only provides a comfortable fit for extended use, but also comes in a wide variety of colors so you can be sure to find the one that best matches your team colors.

Sisu Aero Mouth Guard

Sisu Aero Mouthguard


The Sisu mouthguard is a slim, custom fitting mouthguard that is easy to talk, breathe and drink with. This mouthguard's slim fit makes it one of the most comfortable mouthguards on the list.

Designed for training, sparring and rolling, the Aero is perfect for beginners that are not involved in big impacts but need extra teeth protection while still being able to breathe with ease.

Do UFC fighters have to wear mouthguards?

UFC is often regarded as one of the most exciting sports there is. UFC fighters take a large amount of damage to the body and head. With all the well known long-lasting consequences fighters face, you have probably asked yourself do UFC Fighters wear mouthguards?

As in all contact sports, mouthguards are a critical component of UFC fighting gear. In sparring and fights, all UFC fighters should wear mouthguards in order to protect from various mouth injuries and keep the jaw bone in place.

Do you need 2 mouthguards?

Have you ever wondered whether you should wear a single or double mouthguard? If so, here are some important aspects you should consider before choosing the guard that is best for you.

Firstly, the purpose of wearing a mouthguard during training or fighting is not actually protecting the teeth from external impact. In fact, you'll see pro fighters all the time from every contact sport with the best mouthguard available using a single mouthguard only.

The reason for using single guards only is because a mouthguard is actually there to avoid the teeth from clashing together which can be extremely destructive by itself.

In addition, a single guard will allow your mouthguard to move in its natural movements, this reduces jaw injuries and ligament damage. Double mouthguards are bulky and don't fit properly to the mouth's movements.

The best UFC mouthguards are single guards made with material that molds the teeth. The unique material will allow the guard to tightly mold around the tight offering a custom fit making breathing and speaking extremely easy while remaining comfortable and highly protective.

How do UFC fighters protect their teeth?

To protect the teeth and mouth area, pros and amateur fighters are required to wear a mouthpiece at all times. A mouthpiece, also known as a gum shield, are small pieces of plastic usually made of EVA, that protects the tongue from being cut, the teeth from being knocked out, and even prevent concussions and black outs to some extent if you bite down on it.

Serious fighters on the pro level usually fight with a professionally made mouthpiece that is perfectly formed to their specific teeth such as the Impact Custom Mouthguard Brand.

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