Best Mouth Guard for Boxing/MMA under $25

Best Mouth Guard for Boxing/MMA

Being a mouthguard manufacturer, we get a lot of emails asking what is the best mouthguard?

As you've probably noticed, there are many mouthguard options available online and at your local sporting goods stores with prices ranging from $5 all the up the $50 or even $100.

In most cases, these guards are known as boil-and-bite mouthguards which demand being placed in boiling water and then molded to your teeth. While all boil-and-bite mouthguards look similar, they actually vary enormously between manufacturers. In fact, because of the different material composition and layering techniques available, boil-and-bite mouthguards all vary in terms of fit, protection and comfort levels between brands.

Best Value Boxing/MMA Mouth piece

When looking for a protective and comfortable mouthguard, it's important you purchase one from a trusted manufacturer. The cost associated with a better quality guard might be higher, but you should never put a price on your teeth. That being said, our top pick for the best boxing/MMA mouthguard is the Nxtrnd ZERO™.


Nxtrnd ZERO



Retailing for $22, the ZERO mouthguard is the biggest "bang for your buck" low profile mouthguard allowing ease of speech and breathability.

Because of its amazing fit, the guard is often compared to the custom formed guards made by dentists that cost over $200-$300. The Zero™ can be completely self-fitted from home and comes with an easy ten step fitting process to help you get the perfect fit.

Available in matte black and matte white, the guard will match any uniform. In addition to its super thin 1.6mm frame, the guard features rounded out corners making it easier to mold and more comfortable in the mouth. It’s under carriage features bite pads that are made of a high density material allowing more impact absorption and durability.

Nxtrnd ZERO

By observing the Zeros side walls, you will notice small perforations. These perforations have been purposely placed in the mouths most common impact zones helping the guards’ material absorb and deflect impact forces away from your teeth.

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